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día sin clase, pero con clearchinese

Hoy no hemos tenido clase. La profesora Jing no ha podido venir. Se recuperará en un futuro junto con otra clase que tampoco pudimos celebrar la semana pasada. Sin embargo he encontrado en la web de la BBC dedicado a la lengua china un enlace a un sitio llamado ClearChinese, que contiene un montón de materiales multimedia útiles de aprendizaje de chino.

Sigue leyendo día sin clase, pero con clearchinese

homework: additional exercises about futures

After receiving a lecture about futures (ie future tenses) last week we were given a paper sheet with additional exercises to practice the use of future verb tenses in English. Here there are the solved exercises.

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no class today due to heavy wind in Santander but still …

Today I hadn’t English class. This was due to the heavy wind in Santander. We have even been in the news. The roof of a college sporting facility have been broken down by the wind and the local government education authorities have suspended all the classes, including ours, to prevent any eventual harm to pupils and teachers. How nice of them!

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grammar: wishes and related forms

Lesson 6 in student’s book, which is about politics, has a second grammar subject besides conditionals. This grammar subject is I wish & If only forms. They’re introduced in 6B Women in politics. Today in class we’ve studied something more than what is said in the language reference section thanks to a couple of photocopies our teacher has given to us. In addition we’ve done some exercises.

Sigue leyendo grammar: wishes and related forms