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temporale Nebensätze

Hoy he ido a clase de Alemán (A1) en la EOI. En las dos clases que me he perdido han avanzado en el Kursbuch terminando la lección Start B2 y comenzando la primera sección del primer tema Von Feen und Prinzen que incluye como contenido principal la literatura de cuentos alemana de los hermanos Grimmm.

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homework: additional exercises about futures

After receiving a lecture about futures (ie future tenses) last week we were given a paper sheet with additional exercises to practice the use of future verb tenses in English. Here there are the solved exercises.

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no class today due to heavy wind in Santander but still …

Today I hadn’t English class. This was due to the heavy wind in Santander. We have even been in the news. The roof of a college sporting facility have been broken down by the wind and the local government education authorities have suspended all the classes, including ours, to prevent any eventual harm to pupils and teachers. How nice of them!

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listening: I will survive by Gloria Gaynor

Today we started our English Advanced one level class at the Escuela Oficial de Idiomas de Santander with a listening exercise. We listened to a classic song called I will survive, sang by Gloria Gaynor. We were given a sheet with a wrong lyrics, ie with some phrases intentionally wrong transcribed. These words were mixed among others, all of them highlighted in bold which we had to detect and correct.

Song facts

I will survive was first recorded by Gloria Gaynor and it won her a Grammy Award for ‘Best disco recording’. Though originally about moving on after a bad relationship, over the years the song has taken on meaning for people who have overcome almost any difficult situation, and it is statistically the song most often performed in karaoke.

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