learning English with Welsh accent with the BBC and make a laugh

So after exploring the use of famous bands and their lyrics I’ve turned to the BBC. Yes, you get it. Right from th horse’s mouth. Or I should say right from the sheep’s mouth? :) Because I’ve turn up with a short video where some Welsh shepherds are interviewed because they’ve made up a video, a viral marketing video they call it, with a company and they’ve uploaded the video in youtube. At the moment, as I write this blog entry they’ve reached four million of visitors who have watched the video! Awesome eh?

This is the interview video I’ve found in the BBC:

A group of shepherds talk to Penny Roberts about the challenges of making an ‘extreme shepherding’ internet advertisement for Samsung and YouTube. The viral advert on site YouTube has already had thousands of viewers. The shepherds claim it was “good dogs and good sheep”, not computer trickery.

Hear if you understand something. I don’t know how Welsh they sound but if that is an example of a Welsh rural accent I think it is pretty good understandable, I say :)

And this is the video in youtube:

Extreme Sheep LED Art



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