homework: additional exercises about futures

After receiving a lecture about futures (ie future tenses) last week we were given a paper sheet with additional exercises to practice the use of future verb tenses in English. Here there are the solved exercises.

1 Put the verb into the correct form. Choose from the following:

  • present continuous (I am doing)
  • present simple (I do)
  • going to (I’m going to do)
  • will (‘ll)/won’t
  • will de doing
  • shall

1 I feel a bit hungry. I think ____I’ll have_____ (I/have) something to eat.

2 Why are you putting on your coat? ____Are you going____ (you/go) somewhere?

3 What time ____shall I phone____ (I/phone) you this evening. About 7.30?

4 Look! That plane is flying towards the airport. ____It’s going to land____ (it/land).

5 We must do something soon, before ____It’s____ (it/be) too late.

6 I’m sorry you’ve decided to leave the company. _____I’ll miss_____ (I/miss) you when ____you go_____ (you/go).

7 ____Shall I give____ (I/give) you my address? If ____I give____ (I/give) you my address, ____will you send____ (you/send) me a postcard?

8 Are you still watching that programme? What time ____does it end____ (it/end)?

9 ____I’m going____ (I/go) to London next weekend for a wedding. My sister ____is getting_____ (get) married.

10 I’m not ready yet. ____I’ll tell____ (I/tell) you when ____I’m____ (I/be). I promise ____I won’t be____ (I/not/be) very long.

11 A: Where are you going? B: To the hairdresser’s. ____I’m going to have/having (I/have) my hair cut.

12 She was very rude to me. I refuse to speak to her again until ____she apologises_____ (she/apologise)

13 I wonder where ____we’ll be living____ (we/live) tne years from now?

14 What do you plan to do when ____you finish____ (you/finish) your course at college?

2 Put the verb into the most suitable form. Sometime there is more than one possibility.

1 A has decided to learn a language

  • A: I’ve decided to try and learn a foreign labguage.
  • B: Have you? Which language (1) ____are you going to learn____? (you/learn)
  • A: Spanish
  • B: (2) ____Are you going to do____ (you/do) a course?
  • A: Yes, (3) ____it starts____ (it/start) next week.
  • B: That’s great. I’m sure (4) ____you’ll enjoy____ (you/enjoy) it. (prediction)
  • A: I hope so. But I think (5) ____it will be____ (it/be) quite difficult.

2 A wants to know about B’s holiday plans

  • A: I hear (1) ____you are going____ (you/go) on holiday soon.
  • B: That’s right. (2) ____We are going____ (we/go) to FInland.
  • A: I hope (3) ____you have____ (you/have) a nice time.
  • B: Thanks. (4) ____I’ll send____ (I/send) you a postcard and (5) ____I’ll get (I/get) in touch with you when (6) ____I get____ (I/get) back.

3 A invites B to a party

  • A: (1) ____I’m going to have/I’m having____ (I/have) a party next Saturday. Can you come?
  • B: On Saturday? I’m not sure. Some friends of mine (2) ____are going to come/coming____ (come) to stay with me next week, but I think (3) ____they’ll have gone____ (they/go) by Saturday. But if (4) ____they are____(they/be) still here, (5) ____I won’t be able____ (I/not/be able) to come to the party.
  • A: OK. Well, tell me as soon as (6) ____you know____(you/know).
  • B: Right (7) ____I’ll phone____(I/phone) you during the week.

4 A and B are two secret agents arranging a meeting. They are talking on te phone.

  • A: Well, what time (1) ____shall we meet/are we meeting____ (we/meet)?
  • B: Come to the café by the station at 4 o’clock. (2) ____I’ll be waiting____ (I/wait) for you when (3) ____you arrive____ (you/arrive). (4) ____I’ll be sitting____ (I/sit) by the window and (5) ____I’ll be wearing_____ (I/wear) a bright green sweater.
  • A: OK. (6) ____Is agent 307 coming/going to come_____ (Agent 307/come) too?
  • B: No, she can’t be there.
  • A: Oh. (7) ____Shall I bring____ (I/bring) the documents?
  • B: Yes. (8) _____I’ll explain____ (I/explain) everything when (9) ____I see____ (I/see) you. And don’t be late.
  • A: OK: (10) _____I’ll try ____ (I/try) to be on time.


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