no class today due to heavy wind in Santander but still …

Today I hadn’t English class. This was due to the heavy wind in Santander. We have even been in the news. The roof of a college sporting facility have been broken down by the wind and the local government education authorities have suspended all the classes, including ours, to prevent any eventual harm to pupils and teachers. How nice of them!

But far from doing nothing I’ve gone home early after work and I’ve done some homework exercises about future perfect and future continuous. How nice of me! :)


Complete the dialogues with the verbs in brackets in the future perfect or future continuous.


SARAH I wish I could find another job. What do you think you (1) ____‘ll be doing____ (do) this time next year?

LISA Unfortunately I think I (2) ____will____ still ____be working____ (work) here. But I hope I (3) ____will have been promoted____ (be promoted) to assistant manager by then, so at least I (4) ____will be earning____ (earn)

SARAH Well , I really hope that I (5) ____will have found____ (found) a more interesting job by then. I’m so bored –I suppose I’ve just been here too long!


DAVE If Jimmy Brent scores in this match he (6) ____will have beaten____ (beat) Golding’s record of 24 matches for the club in a season.

CHRIS No, he (7) ____will have equalled____ (equal) it. To beat it he’ll need to score another one. But he (8) ____will not be playing____ (not play) next week, because he’s already got two yellow cards.


SOPHIE Just imagine it. This time tomorrow we (9) ____won’t be watching____ (not watch) the rain, we (10) ____will be lying____ (lie) on a tropical beach!

BERT No, not at 3.00 we won’t. Don’t forget the tine difference. We (11) ____won’t have arrived____ (not arrive) at our hotel yet. Let’s see. I think we (12) ____will just have got off____ (just/get off) the plane and we (13) ____will be driving____ (drive) to our hotel.


NIGEL Is it too late to call Hannah and Sam? Do you think they (14) ________ (go) to bed yet?

ANNA What’s the time? 11.00. That’s fine. Knowing them, they (15) ____won’t have finished____ (not finish) their dinner yet. They (16) ____will be watching____ (watch) a film.


JOE Can I borrow the car this afternoon?

MOTHER What time do you need it? I (17) ________ (use) it myself until about 4.00.

JOE Natalie (18) ____will be arriving____ (arrive) at the bus station around 5.00. I want to pick her up.

MOTHER Oh, that’s fine. I (19) ____will have finished____ (finish) with it by then.



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