learning English with The Killers

This week I want to introduce one of the bands that I like the most: The Killers. I like their music and I like their lyrics too. You can understand them very well just listening to them. Sometimes their lyrics are very obscure but there is always a meaning you can get from the rhymes.

There is an official list of videos from Universal Music where you can hear and watch some of their songs. Then they are people within youtube that has collected more videos (and live concerts) from the band including myself. I have my own list :)

But the most interesting lists are the ones which have the music with the lyrics. There is one song that has generated a lot of discussions about what the singer says in the chorus. This is the official video without the lyrics clue (listen carefully):

Does Brandon Flowers (the singer) say: Are we human? Or a we dancers? or does he say: Are we human? Or are we denser?.

Here is the song with one of the versions of the lyrics (well, the two of them, since in the description on the right side pane there is the other one!)

In the comments section some of the viewers say that the band has stated that dancers is the word. One of them says the song means dancers have a choreographed sequence and they are told what to do and do the same thing over and over again; if your human then you can do what you want to do and can make your own decisions.

Last but not least they even made a video with the whole truth, a complete breakdown of the song as the author of the video says …

You can’t miss the comments. They are amusing :)

What do you make of it?



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