homework: wishes and related forms

Here there are the exercises from the extra grammar theory about wishes and related forms we were taught yesterday in the English class at the Escuela Oficial de Idiomas. In addition there is included the key points to bear in mind when doing the exercises.

Key points

1 Wishes about the present use a past tense form, and wishes a bout the past use a past perfect form.

2 Wishes with would refer either to annoying habits or to something we would like to happen.

3 Past tense forms are used after It’s time and I’d rather to show an imaginary situation.

  • It’s time we left.

4 I hope … can be used in a similar way to I wish … But I hope is used only for wishes that are actually possible, and it usually has a good meaning.

  • I hope you have a good time.
  • There’s a lot to see. I hope you won’t be late.

Wish cannot be used in this way.

I hope… can be used with the infinitive.

  • I hope to see you next week.

But I wish with the infinitive has a different meaning. It is a formal way of saying I’d like to or I want to.

  • I wish to interview you for the job next week.

Note also these expressions:

  • I wish you luck/success in your new job.
  • We wish you a happy New Year.


1 Underline the most suitable verb form un each sentence.

a) I wish Peter doesn’t live/didn’t live/wouldn’t live so far way from the town centre. We’ll have to take a taxi.

b) I feel rather cold. I wish I brought/had brought my pullover with me.

c) What a pity. I wish we don’t have to/didn’t have to/wouldn’t have to leave.

d) I wish you tell/told/had told me about the test. I haven’t done any revision.

e) I wish the people next door hadn’t made/wouldn’t make/couldn’t make so much noise. I can’t hear myself think!

f) Darling, I love you so much! I wish we are/had been/would be/could be together always!

g) I’m sorry I missed your birthday party. I really wish I come/came/had come/would come.

h) I like my new boss but I wish she gave/would give/could give me some more responsibility. (?)

i) Having a lovely time in Brighton. I wish you are/were/had been here.

j) This car was a complete waste of money. I wish didn’t buy/hadn’t bought it.

2 Put the verb in brackets into a suitable verb form.

a) This train journey seems endless! I wish we (go) ____had gone____ by car.

b) I wish I (have) ____had____ the money to buy some new clothes, but I can’t afford any at the moment.

c) I wish the government (do) ____would do____ something about the pollution in the city.

d) I’m getting really soaked! I wish I (not forget) ____hadn’t forgot____ my umbrella. (?)

e) I wish you (not do) ____wouldn’t do____ that! It’s really annoying habit!

f) That was a lovely meal, but I wish I (not eat) ____hadn’t eaten____ so much. (?)

g) I wish I (study) ____could study____ harder for my exams. I’m not going to pass.

h) I wish you (not leave) ____wouldn’t leave____ you dirty shoes in your bedroom!

i) I’m afraid I have no idea where Diana has gone. I wish I (know) ____knew____.

j) I really enjoyed our trip to the theatre. I wish we (go) ____could go____ more often.

3 Underline the most suitable verb form im each sentence.

a) A cheque is all right, but I’d rather you pay/paid me cash.

b) Imagine you live/lived in New York. How would you feel?

c) If only I have/had/would have a screwdriver with me.

d) If you want to catch the last train, it’s time you leave/left.

e) I’d rather you don’t/didn’t tell anyone about our conversation.

f) I’ve got a terrible headache. If only I didn’t drink/hadn’t drunk that wine.

g) If you don’t mind, I’d sooner you practised/had practised/would practise you violin somewhere else.

h) It’s high time you learn/learned to look after yourself.

i) Jean thinks that everyone likes her. If only she knows/knew what people say behind her back!

j) I’d rather we stay/stayed at home this Christmas for a change.


3 comentarios en “homework: wishes and related forms

  1. One more exercise we did in class last Tuesday 27th about wishes. We had to write an I wish … sentence for every situations stated and then compare the wishes with a class partner.

    1 A famous group or singer from the past you wish you had seen (in concert)

    (so a wish about the past case)

    I wish I had been in the Wembley Beatles’ concert in 1963!

    2 Something you wish they would do to improve your town.

    (so a wish referring to something that I would like to happen in my town)

    I wish they would make more bike lanes so that people could ride everywhere within town.

    3 A foreign language (apart from English) you wish you could speak.

    (so a wish about the future)

    I wish I could learn to speak Chinese.

    4 Something you wish a member of your family wouldn’t do.

    (so a wish to complain about a bad habit)

    I wish my brother wouldn’t wear my clothes.

    5 Something you wish had never been invented or discovered.

    (so a wish about the past)

    I wish massive destruction weapons had never been invented!

    6 A very expensive possession you wish you had.

    (so a wish about the future)

    I wish I had a private jet.

    7 A famous person you wish you could meet)

    (so a wish referring to something that is difficult or impossible)

    I wish I could meet President Obama.

    8 A sport you wish you were very good at.

    (so a wish about the present or a wish referring to something difficult or impossible) (?)

    I wish I were good at playing golf/ could play golf well.

    9 An aspect of your personality you wish you could change (I wish I were more/less …)

    (so a wish about the present) (?)

    I wish I were more brave.

    10 Something you wish people in your country wouldn’t do (which annoys you)

    (so a wish to complain about a bad habit)

    I wish my neighbours wouldn’t play the guitar and drums at weekends.

    11 Something you wish you had learnt how to do (but still can’t do)

    (so a wish about the past)

    I wish I had learnt more languages when I was a child.

    12 Something you wish you hadn’t bought.

    (so a wish about the past)

    I wish I hadn’t bought the TV set. It has been a total waste of money. I barely switch it on!


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