homework: writing a composition about Spain

So after learning about writing compositions and doing some exercises about this subject, the time has come to write the composition about Spain which I have as homework.

The main idea that I can use to write the composition are the images about Spain. Which images are typical from Spain? How do we advertise Spain to the rest of the world? Are they old-fashioned? This idea is used in two examples of compositions, one about India and another one about Wales. From the technical point of view I must bear in mind the expressions and useful phrases. The paragraphing and the topic phrases are also a must.

This is my composition about Spain:

When most foreign people think of Spain, they probably imagine a brightly sun bathed beach crammed with a mix of redskin beings and colourful parasols, weekend all night parties with cheap booze to drink until comma, brave Latin lover toreros and beautiful women, days of paella and bullfighting and olé!

Most people would agree, however, that these images do not reflect the actual Spanish cultural baggage and huge variety of people and landscapes. There is no doubt that the beaches, fiestas and bullfighting are part of the Spanish culture and way of life. But they are only the tip of the iceberg. These images do not do justice to the incredible variety of Spain.

It seems to me that a more accurate image of modern Spain would include the different languages, cultures and traditions of which Spain is made out. It is generally recognised that the cultural and architectonic marks that different ancient people like Celtic, Romans, Jews and Muslims have left out in different cities and little towns all over Spain are impressive. It is undeniable that the interior rural areas with their mountains, forests and even deserts in the south of the country are landmarks no one would want to miss. Finally the exotic insular places like Canary and Balearic islands with their Tropical and Mediterranean climate and sceneries are no doubt the icing on the cake.



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