homework: grammar exercises

Now here they are three grammar exercises from our holidays homework:

A Choose the correct alternative to complete the sentences.

(1) I find playing rugby a good way to ___let off steam___ after a hard week at work.

a) hang around (b) let off steam (c) draw a line

(2) I’ve been collecting film ___memorabilia___ for a long time.

(a) antique (b) autograph (c) memorabilia

(3) Why does Robert always ___get carried away___ when we’re paint-balling? Doesn’t he realize it’s only a game?

(a) get carried away (b) go through your mind (c) make something up

(4) For me the exciting part is ___tracking down___ the items. Sometimes it takes days to find what I’m looking for.

(a) taking up (b) make something up (c) tracking down

(5) Whatever you do, don’t ___make something up____ when you apply for the job. It’s much better to tell the truth.

(a) take up something (b) make something up (c) let off steam

B Complete the text with used to, would or got used to. Sometimes more than one answer is possible.

When I was young I (6) ___used to___ visit the zoo every week and I (7) ___would/used to____ stand and watch the monkeys playing in their cages. I was fascinated by these animals as they were so inquisitive. Then I (8) ___would___ go home and spend hours dreaming of seeing them in the wild. Then, when there was a wildlife programme on TV I (9) ___would/used to___ stop everything else I was doing and listen to every word. My mother (10) ___used to___ be worried about me sometimes, but she (11) ___got used to___ it in the end.

C Choose the correct alternative to complete each sentence.

NOTE: (I’ve got them underlined …)

(12) I live near the sea and I can’t get used to/would be used to the noise all the birds make.

(13) I got used to/would always see her walking her dogs on the beach. (?)

(14) I used to/would have a pet tortoise when I was a child.

(15) My sister used to/is forever telling me to stop eating meat.

(16) She‘s used to/would be used to taking her dogs for a walk early in the morning. (?)


1 comentario en “homework: grammar exercises

  1. Today we’ve marked the exercise. As I wrote down the solutions I took some notes which I duly include here:

    – memorabilia (/memora’bilia/)

    – In B: (6), (7), (8) and (9) both used to and would are valid solutions, because visit, stand, go and stop are active or movement verbs. In (10) you can use used to only because be is not a movement or active verb.


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