homework: choosing the correct word exercise

At the end of the first term before Christmas at the Escuela Oficial de Idiomas we were given some exercises as homework to do within this winter holidays. I’m going to do now the first exercise. It’s about choosing the rights word to fill the gaps in a text. The text is an excerpt from real news. You can find similar exercises in website called BreakingNewsEnglish. I’ve also seen in Google that this site has also podcasts and other interesting content.

Models under 16 banned in London – 15th September, 2007


Correct Word: Put the correct words from a-d below in the article.

Models under 16 banned in London

Models under the (1) __age__ of 16 will be banned from London’s Fashion Week. In addition, all models may soon have to show a (2) __health__ certificate before they are allowed to walk down the catwalk. These are decisions of the Model Health Inquiry that was set (3) __set up__ [1] in March by the British Fashion Council to ensure models eat healthily. One major concern was how (4) __skinny__ models have become. Super-thin is in and experts fear that models are risking their health due to a (5) __variety__ of eating disorders. An unwanted side effect is that teenagers and young women in their twenties and thirties copy the looks and shape of size-zero models and put their health (6) __at__ risk. The inquiry is in response to the deaths of two Uruguayan models Luisel Ramos, 22, and her sister, Eliana, 18, who died last year because of poor diets.

The Model Health Inquiry did not recommend (7) __barring__ [2] models based on their body mass index (BMI). It said that the BMI -the ratio of weight to height- was “not an (8) __accurate__ method of determining health”. The inquiry said models could easily make themselves vomit to try and beat the tests and get on the catwalk. Other countries have barred models with a BMI of (9) ___less___ than 18. The World Health Organization says a BMI of 18.5 is a minimum healthy (10) ___standard___. The report made 14 recommendations, which include random drug tests and a “rigorous scientific study” (11) ___onto/into___ the extent of eating disorders within the industry. The report also said that from September 2008, models “should provide a medical certificate attesting their good health from doctors with (12) ___expertise___ on recognizing eating disorders.”

* Words to choose from:

1. (a) weight (b) old (c) age (d) size
2. (a) wealth (b) health (c) wealthy (d) healthy
3. (a) down (b) upon (c) in (d) up
4. (a) skinny (b) skin (c) skinned (d) skinniest
5. (a) variety (b) various (c) vicious (d) vary
6. (a) for (b) at (c) by (d) with
7. (a) bargaining (b) bearing (c) baring (d) barring
8. (a) accuracy (b) acute (c) accurate (d) cute
9. (a) less (b) few (c) least (d) low
10. (a) stand (b) standard (c) standing (d) stand for
11. (a) onto (b) out of (c) into (d) out of
12. (a) expertly (b) expert (c) experts (d) expertise


[1] See the phrasal verbs set up and set in from UsingEnglish.

[2] from the verb to bar, that is:

Function: transitive verb
Inflected Form(s): barred; bar·ring
Date: 13th century

1 a: to fasten with a bar b: to place bars across to prevent ingress or egress (bar the door)

2: to mark with bars : stripe

3 a: to confine or shut in by or as if by bars b: to set aside : rule out (did not bar the possibility of further measures) c: to keep out : exclude (barring him from the club)

4 a: to interpose legal objection to or to the claim of b: prevent, forbid (a decision barring his participation)

(source: merriam-webster dictionary)


1 comentario en “homework: choosing the correct word exercise

  1. Today we’ve marked the exercise in class and I had a mistake on number (11) where I put onto which was wrong, instead of the correct answer into.


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