english eoi: lesson 1 review

So, the end of the past month has also marked the end of lesson 1 in the A.1 level English class student’s book. Now it’s high time to review what we have learnt or not. There is a section in the MacMillan upper intermediate student’s book where we you can find exercises that try to show the main subjects of the first lesson.


Ex. 1 Complete the text with appropriate auxiliary verbs.

Mushroom hunting (1) ____has____ been popular in some countries for a long time, but more and more people (2) ____are____ taking it up everywhere. Enthusiast (3) ____do____ not need any special equipment, but care needs to (4) ____be____ taken with mushroom species that have not (5) ____been____ identified. Last year in the US, three people (6) ____were____ killed by eating poisonous mushrooms which they (7) ____had____ not correctly identified. In most cases, however, mushroom poisoning ( 8 ) ____does____ not lead to anything more than an upset stomach.

Ex. 2 Match the openers 1-7 to the responses a-g

1 Do you think it matters?
2 Everything was ready on time, I trust.
3 Had it all finished when you got there?
4 Has it been decided yet?
5 I expect it’ll be an interesting day.
6 It took you a long time, I imagine?
7 It’s going to be good fun, I think.

a Are you kidding? No, I won’t.
b No, it doesn’t. Of course not.
c No, it didn’t. Not really.
d No, it hadn’t. Not exactly anyway.
e No, it hasn’t. I’m afraid not.
f No, it isn’t. No way.
g No, it wasn’t. Not quite.

So me guess: 1-b * 2-g * 3-d * 4-e * 5-a * 6-c * 7-f

Ex. 3 Choose the correct form to complete the questions.

1 How many people belong/do belong to a club of some sort?

2 What do most people/most people think of collecting football stickers?

3 What does make/makes the other people in your class laugh?

4 What soft of things do people/do people do on Sunday afternoons?

5 What football team does have/has the most supporters?

6 Who does have/has the most original leisure interest in your class?

7 Who would your class/your class would vote for as ‘Person of the Year’?

Ex .4 Insert is in the sentences.

1 What he should do is take up something active like running.

2 What he’s really crazy about is golf.

3 What I can’t understand is how anyone could be interested in celebrity gossip.

4 Whay I enjoy most is the passion of the supporters.

5 What really worries me is the fact that she’ll give anything a try.

6 What she will get into next is anybody’s guess.

Ex. 6 Complete the text with expressions from the box. More than one answer is possible.

after a while – afterwards – at first – eventually – finally – later on – to begin with

When Gonzalo said he believed in ghosts, I thought he was joking (1) ____at first____. But he talked about them so much that, (2) ____afterwards____, I I realised he was serious. (3) ____Later on____, he even asked me if I would like him to introduce me to a ghost. I laughed an said ‘No way!’ but he was so persuasive that I (4) ____eventually____ agreed. He took me to a room at the top of his house. (5) ____To begin with____, it was completely dark, but (6) ____after a while____ I could see a weird little shape in one corner. We waited in silence for ages and (7)____ finally____ the ghost spoke. ‘I am the ghost they call ‘La Llorona’,’ she cried, ‘and I have come to warn you.’



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