Writing a Job Application

I was told to write a CV from scratch as a writing skill exercise. The theory for writing such a document were taught last week on Friday class. We did the Speaking, Reading and Language Focus exercises in Straightforward – Upper Intermediate Student’s Book pp. 126-127.

To sum it up these were the main concepts to take into account:

How to write a good CV

  • Use headings and bold to make your CV easier to read.
  • Use bullet points to make lists more attractive.
  • Write your education and work experience with the most recent events first.
  • Include a brief description of any work experience, highlighting your responsibilities and achievements.
  • Include the names of at least two referees. One should be your present employer or tutor where possible.
  • Never tell lies or exaggerate on your CV. You will get caught oiut.
  • Remember to check your spelling and punctuation.

Exercise (due in on Thursday)

Write a CV for yourself. Look back at the information sheet (paragraph above)
about writing a good CV. You can invent the information if you like.


  • use capital letters where appropiate.
  • check your spelling.
  • use bullet points, underlying and bold to make your CV atractive and easy to read.
  • use formal language (e.g. no contractions)
  • include short, concise descriptions of work experience and interest where necessary.



Gerardo de Miguel González

Personal Profile

I am a highly professional and skilful Telecom and Electronics engineer with experience in both industry and academia. I’m experienced in team working as a team member and as a group leader within short term and large projects. I had also occasionally worked alone as independent consultant engineer providing expertise to clients in Telecom and Electronics areas. At present I work in academia as an R&D engineer in European Seventh Framework research projects on electronics. I am currently looking for short-term consultancy jobs within telecom industry to keep my expertise and knowledge on that area.


  • 2008-present MSc Embedded Systems
  • 2006-present MSc Advanced Artificial Intelligence
  • 1996-2001 MSc Electric Engineering (Telematics)
  • 1989-1994 BSc Electric Engineering (Radiocommunications)

Work Experience

o Microeletronics R&D Engineer, University of Cantabria, 2008-present

Within the FP7 MULTICUBE European Project I am developing a software module that will be integrated into a major framework application for the design and implementation of multiprocessor systems on chip (MPSoCs) I am in charge of the main development and as a liaison officer with the rest of the partners and contractors of the project which are in Italia, Belgium, France and China. As part of my duties I have to attend several presentation and review meetings in those countries (save China at the moment) Besides all that I had a research agenda to improve the techniques to model and simulate MpSoCs to achieve better performance in the design space exploration.

o Systems Engineer, Softec Internet Ltd., 2004-2007

As a Systems Engineer, within a team of five engineers, I was in charge of several Internet servers. Some of these machines were owned by Softec and shared among several clients. Others were owned by a customer and managed by me. The servers held services such as email, web and custom online application services. My duties included keeping all the services online with minimal maintenance downtimes and running with a good performance, measured by quality of service indicators established by a legal binding contract with our customers. At the beginning of my working period in the company I was also involved in customer relationship activities.

o Independent Telecom Consultant, 2001-2003

As part of my career development and to fill in between job periods I worked as a Telecom industry independent practitioner working on several private and public contractor projects as freelance. The projects I was involved in were mostly wireless telecommunication network design, deployment, auditing and certification. I did also some little software development projects.

o Software Developer and R&D Engineer, Mundivia Inc., 1999-2001

Initially I worked as a part-time Java software developer shared with the completion of my BSc. degree. Later I was promoted to R&D Engineer on Java technologies. My duties included the research of new technologies and development of new prototypes headed to an important utility company which was the main shareholder of my company.


  • Embedded Electronics design and implementation
  • 3G Mobile Communications expertise (network planning, deployment and optimization, regulation complying)
  • C++ application developer
  • Java application and web services developer
  • Fluent Spanish and English, and a working knowledge (listening, writing and conversational) on German
  • Full driving license


  • Outdoor sports: trekking, walking
  • Foreign languages: English, German and Chinese
  • Leisure activities: reading, foreign radio stations listening (online), amateur chess playing, traveling inland and abroad
  • Science and technology: Cosmology, Astronomy, Astrophysics, Mathematics, Artificial Inteligence (Evolutionary Computation), Computers and Radiocommunications (Mobile, Wifi, 3G)


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