The animal world quiz

We had been introduced to the second lesson of the student’s book that has got the animals as the main subject. If you read the contents section in the student’s book you can see: wildlife, animal rights, companions and working animals as second lesson’s parts. The grammar points are present and past habits and the verb form be/get used to. The functional language that we are going to learn will enable us to express opinions. But before starting to work on those interesting topics we’ve been give a slip of paper with a quiz …

The Animal World Quiz

1 Which is the largest of the ape and monkey families, full-grown?

a chimpanzee – b orang-outang – c gorilla

2 Which of these is not a mammal?

a whale – b porpoise – c sharkd dolphin

3 Which of these is a marsupial?

a kangaroob camel – c panda

4 Which of these hasn’t got a shell on its back?

a snail – b tortoise – c turtle – d crab – e octopus

5 Which of these hasn’t got tusks but has got whiskers?

a elephant – b walrus – c seal

6 Which of these hasn’t got horns?

a rhino(ceros) – b hippo(potamus)c bull – d goat – e deer – f antelope

7 Which of these has spots rather than stripes?

a zebra – b leopardc tiger

8 Whose fur might you expect to pay most for?

a fox – b minkc rabbit

9 Which member of the snake family is this?

a viper – b boa constrictor – c cobrad python – e rattlesnake

10 Which of these animals is not carnivorous?

a hyena – b reindeerc polar bear

11 Which of these insects doesn’t sting?

a antb wasp – c bee – d ladybird

12 Which won’t bite you?

a mosquito – b flea – c butterflyd fly

13 Which of these beasts hasn’t got a hump?

a bison – b oxc camel

14 Which of these birds can fly?

a penguin – b ostrich – c goosed emu – e kiwi

15 Which of these birds has the most impressive tail?

a peacockb pigeon – c sparrow – d budgerigar

16 Which of these animals does not normally hibernate?

a bear – b squirrel – c dormouse – d rat

17 Which of these has most legs?

a spider – b scorpion – c centipededbeetle – e worm – f piranha fish

18 Which of these birds’ feathers aren’t black?

a blackbird – b crow – c raven – d blue tit

19 Which of these creatures is not extinct?

a mammoth – b dinosaur – c pterodactyl – d buffaloe brontosaurus

20 Which birds are these?

a the symbol of peace? dove
b the announcer of spring? cuckoo
c supposed to be very wise? owl
d with perhaps the most beautiful singing voice? nightingale



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