We’ve started today lesson 1B from our student’s book. It’s about paint-balling which is one of the fastest growing sports in Europe. You can play it in woodlands, industrial wastelands or specially-built parks. The game works like this. It’s a game of elimination. If a paintball hits you, you’re out of the game. Players work in teams and try to eliminate as many members of the rival team as they can. They say it helps relieve the stresses of hard-working week. On top of that it encourages team work and strategic thinking. Besides it gives you a good physical workout. And it’s great fun! So they say …

We did the LISTENING section where we listened to an audio clip where three workmates discussed paintballing showing different points of view (I’ve got the dialogue’s tape-script from the book) And after the listening we did two exercises to check out our comprehension (I’ll put it here later on as a commentary)

We also saw a video clip from youtube about the paint-balling game. It featured a man from the US who owned a shop where he sold all sort of gear and costumes for playing the game. I’ve search the place and found out the video: How to Play Paintball : All About Paintballing Clothes & Gear:

This man has a series of video clips where he explains in detail all aspects of the gear you need to play the game!

After watching the video we answered some questions:

  • What must you wear all the time? Googles.
  • What kind of clothes do you need? Why? Camouflage clothes. For better hiding among vegetation avoiding to be spotted by the enemy. Loose clothes to ward off you from some hits.
  • What two things do younger people wear? A baseball cap and a chest protector made out of leather.
  • Why does he recommend armoured gloves? Because shots between the fingers and around the thumbs can hurt like hell.
  • Can you wear less expensive clothing? Why? Yes, you can. It’s not a question of showing off or the dollars you spend in it. It’s about fun.
  • What shouldn’t you wear? Shorts. You should’t show up in shorts. He doesn’t recommend that.
  • Why does he suggest a neck protector? He does it to avoid a shot in the (neck) apple.

And here we are some useful vocabulary from the video clip:

  • helmet: to protect up and back of the head
  • googles: to protect the front of the head and eyes (a kind of mask)
  • loose/baggy clothes: the opposite of tight clothes, to protect you from some (short range?) hits.
  • dark green and blue colour clothes: camouflage clothes.
  • to take over sth.: to take control of sth.


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