Nottingham Science City and Test-Tube

The first thing that come up in your mind if you hear the name of the city, Nottingham, is of course the infamous Sheriff of Nottingham, then Sherwood Forest and then the tales of Robin Hood.

But the fact is that Nottingham is also a Science City, one of the six appointed by the UK Government in 2005. The other ones: Birmingham, Bristol, Manchester, Newcastle, and York.

This prestigious accolade recognises Nottingham as a hotbed of international science and technology innovation in research and business.

So they say in its website. This is a novel concept we don’t have in Spain.

Besides that, supervised by the University of Nottingham and supported by Science City, there is a video blog called Test-Tube created by a chap called Brady Haran that features videos about the science work in Nottingham and beyond that I strongly recommend. The project has received global recognition, including the recent awarding of an International Business Award. The University of Nottingham, which oversees the project, has since extended Test Tube for another year – continuing to unravel the real world of science well into 2009.

Brady has since created another website about science, The Periodic Table of Videos. It features a film about every element on the periodic table and is well worth a visit.



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