The Commitments

One day, a week ago, I saw a poster on a shop door’s pane with the announcement of the concert in Santander of the irish soul band called The Commitments. I felt like going to that concert and after some thought I decided to buy the ticket. I didn’t know the band at all. It seems that they become famous after the release of a film with the same name where they were main characters and played the soundtrack.

family picture of the commitments, the band

Finally, the concert’s day come today and after being in a physics conference at the University of Cantabria, I walked my way to the place where the concert was going to be held. It was soft raining all the way. I’ve got an umbrella so I didn’t mind. When I got to the place, there were a lot of people yet waiting in the hall to get in. I show my ticket and got in fifteen minutes before the start. A lot of people entered after me, as it is customary in Spain to go to places last minute or even later.

Among the assistants, I met with my English teacher who had come also to the concert. That was a great surprise to me! I got to my place that was between a couple and a middle-aged woman who was reading a book in English that I didn’t recognise. The members of the band come on stage fife minutes past half eight and started to play the first two songs. As the people kept sitting in their places, the main singer persuaded them (us) to stand up and clap the hands and dance … as it was usual in soul concerts (sic)! That was really funny because in Santander we are really very cold and reserved. At the end people (almost everyone) stood up, clapped their hands, danced and sang.

I have to say I really enjoyed very much the concert! I got soaked with sweat after two hours dancing, clapping my hands, singing and even jumping! My ears got a bit deafened after hearing high watt level of music. But as I went out the cold and wet night I felt really well.


2 comentarios en “The Commitments

  1. I’ve googled looking for extra info about the soul band. And I’ve found out a couple of sites (blogs) where you can read reports about the concert (in Spanish):

    [Crónica] The Commitments ( Teatro Casyc 08/05/08 ), in themusicall blog, the best one I think with photographs and even video material!

    The Commitments en Santander, in laguiago, a web site with musical events agenda and more!

    Finally I’ve also checked out youtube looking for video material from The Commitments (both the band and the film) There are a lot of clips (818 when I did the search)


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