Arthur C. Clarke Obituary

This morning I’ve heard in the radio news that yesterday Arthur C. Clarke has passed away. This man has been (it is) one of my favourite Science Fiction authors. We have lost one of the best ones. I like the weight Science has in all his novels and short stories. I’ll miss him a lot.

I feel the mourn, the same mourn as I felt when Isaac Asimov or Carl Sagan passed away. I’ve found out that I’m not alone. I’ve searched on Google for obituary news about Arthur C. Clarke and there are thousands of hits. I think that is wonderful. So many people remembering this great human being. I’ve read some of them: the BBC News one and the Fantastic Fiction UK website one.

After reading the latter and skimming at the myriad of books he has written, I’ve been searching for his books, the ones I’ve read for years, in my own personal library at home. What have I found? Well, these ones:

Certainly not a big collection. I promise I’m going to read the rest of them, he has written.



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