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En el campo de la Ingeniería de Software y las aplicaciones web hay un tema recurrente últimamente que es la construcción de aplicaciones distribuidas, basadas en componentes que implementan una determinada funcionalidad o servicio y con un interfaz web, entendiendo por interfaz, no solamente el interfaz de usuario sino también el interfaz de programación, lo que tradicionalmente se ha llamado API y que permite que la funcionalidad de dichas aplicaciones esté expuesta para ser utilizada en otras aplicaciones.

De esta manera, el desarrollo de aplicaciones web se puede ver como un ejercicio de reunir la funcionalidad requerida y dirigirla (orquestarla, dicen) para realizar la función que uno desee.

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all tomorrow’s parties

I’ve just finished reading the William Gibson‘s Scifi novel All Tomorrow’s Parties (Amazon, Wikipedia) I liked it but it has not been the best novel I’ve ever read. It is the third book in William Gibson’s Bridge trilogy. I’ve only read this one.

It deals with emerging technologies. Emerging technologies and converging technologies are terms used interchangeably to cover the emergence and convergence of new and potentially disruptive technologies such as nanotechnology, biotechnology, cognitive science, robotics, and artificial intelligence (wikipedia dixit) Indeed, the author suggests the emergence of nanotechnology and teleportation as a driving force developing under the cover in the novel. Another strong presence is AI with Rei Toei, the Idoru, an enigmatic and sophisticated artificial human being, which has been the main character of other William Gibson’s novel.

The author describes which some of the character’s novel call an intersitial society developed within the partially damaged San Francisco’s bridge after the Big One. This society is semi independent of all regulatory law and order of the rest of the city.

In the back cover of the book is the following text:

Laney, living on blue cough medicine in a cardboard city, is scaning for nodality, for the future. A future that depends on Rei Toei, the idoru — beautiful girl, virtual icon, post-human being. Rydell — ex-cop, ex-security for Lucky Dragon convenience stores — is working for Laney, soft of, but he’s looking for a future too, and for Chevette, who was once his gril (and is now on the run) And now Rydell’s back in San Francisco, back on the Bridge, where it all began, and where it looks like it might all end, possibly with a number of big bangs.

But endings are also beginnings …

This scanning for nodality Laney does, seems to me a sophisticated data mining process helped with the visual interface to the Net, now a sort of Second Life on steroids. These nodal points he’s looking for remind me also of Free Scale Networks and Complex Systems.