supertoys and other stories of future time

I have to tell you, I’m very fond of SciFi. I’m a compulsive reader too. However, I don’t like reading twice the same book. At least I thought I didn’t. Now, I’ve read second time a short stories series book of Brian Aldiss titled supertoys last all summer long and other stories of future time. It contains 19 short stories and a foreword. I bought the book, I know it because I’ve kept the buying ticket as a bookmark, on September 27th, 2001. It costed about 10 euros (1.995 pesetas, the former currency in Spain before euro)

Three of the short stories: Supertoys Last All Summer Long, Supertoys When Winter Comes and Supertoys in Other Seasons are the basis of the Steven Spielberg’s film AI. In the foreword the author tell the story of how he teamed unsuccessfully with Stanley Kubrick to make out a screen play of a movie based on this three short stories that ended up in Spielberg’s hands. A very interesting story indeed!

But those three short stories are not the ones I like the most. To name a few, I think headless is shocking. It tells the story of a suicide by severing one’s head as a mass event, as it were a main sport’s event. Steppenpferd (maybe a Steppenwolf mock?) also is a very original short story. It is about the earth captured by an alien species, enclosed in a sort of big artifial sphere and moved to the alien’s solar system, and how humans and aliens deal with it.

In Internet, there is a website where you can find in plain text the main short story (supertoys …) In wikipedia, there is also a scifi stub about the story and the book. The original text can also be found in the wired magazine issue 5/1/1997. Finally, there is a review of the book by Claude Lalumiére in January Maganize.



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