master degree on AI

I think it’s high time to come back to study and research. I’m trying to do a master degree on Applied Artificial Intelligence. How come that? It’s a long story. But I’m going to tell you.

In September 2005, after ten years working in the computer industry, and being able to apply thank to my Telecom Engineering degree, I did apply to a Ph. D. on advanced artificial intelligence in UNED (Universidad de Educación a Distancia), an official Spanish distance learning university. The application succeeded. I started in October 2005 and I spent a year, most of it a nightmare, because I had to work and study and the matters where too much for my background knowledge in all things AI. I didn’t pass any course but I attended all the seminars and lectures programmed, going to Madrid to the UNED headquarters for that, spending vacation days of my job.

After this failure, I ask for advice to my tutor (we had one assigned, from de Artificial Intelligence Department of UNED) and he advise me to take the master degree version of the doctorate. This was a level below more suitable to my background knowledge. This master degree was a Bologna Process adapted one and oriented to research, which was what I was headed for at that time (still I am) So in October 2006, I started my brand new master degree. Besides that I manage to reduce my work hours, changing from 9 to 14 and 16 to 19:30, to, 8 to 15. This was in theory a good deal. But I fail to completely again. Not a course passed. This was due to me taking too many courses, five of them, a term.

So I didn’t give up. I reduced the courses to three and I started it over again in September 2007, last year. But the last three months of 2007 have been a nightmare at job. I wasn’t able to study a day. I gave up on my job on 31st December and decided to take a sabbatical. So here I am, trying to come back to my study.

The courses I’ve taken: symbolic AI, Data Mining and Evolutionary Computation. Let’s see how I perform this time ….



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